About liveng

LumIT S.p.A. is a high added value System Integrator, specialised in IT services tailored for large customers mainly in the Finance and Telecommunications markets.

LumIT S.p.A. was born in 2009 from the idea of ​​two young Italian entrepreneurs who quickly create a team of IT professionals specialised in network security, in the management and implementation of complex business projects and in the optimisation of critical processes.

Professionalism and experience are our key words and we make customer satisfaction our main goal.

Our technical team consists of highly qualified engineers in the field of network and security, managed IT services, open source and virtualisation, with years of experience in the field.

Our flexibility and our speed of intervention at all levels have earned us the title of “True Problem Solver” at our customers!

Through skills that are constantly updated, we study the integration and interoperability of technological solutions to simplify their use, reduce management costs and minimise risk exposure. We also host the development of new IT technologies, as well the improvement of some of the existing ones, at LumIT Labs, our innovation laboratories.

Precisely for these reasons, we are able to support our customers, providing services tailored to their needs and always paying attention to their requests rather than to a specific brand.

The liveng project has been created by LumIT Labs, an innovation laboratory from LumIT S.p.A. (liveng team: Marco Buratto, Michele Sartori).